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Cloud Connect behavior with Failover Plans (Full)

Post by licensingtss » Nov 07, 2017 8:56 pm


We created our Failover plans.
We initiate one of them on Cloud Connect Portal or on the SP Veeam site while site is down.
We booted the tenant Backup server back on.
The replica shows active (as expected) even if the Failover plan was executed while the Tenant side was down. Great!
We Failback to production the changes that occured (unfortunately, can't be done from the SP Veeam or Cloud Connect Portal on SP side), so we do it fm the Tenant side. Works great!

The issue is:
The Failover Plan, doesn't go back to ready.. Instead we have to undo it (why!!) and of course, it throws a warnign and skips the VM because it's already been undone...

I spoke to a Veeam tech about this, was told well it works so there's nothing to do...
To me, once you failback all the VMs that are in a Failover plan, the Failover plan should be going back to the Ready state... we shouldn't have to go back to the SP side and undo something that's already been undone...

Please let me know if there is a reason not to implement such a thing, and if so, please explain the scenario in which this would cause a conflict and detail why we have to go through these extra steps.


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Re: Cloud Connect behavior with Failover Plans (Full)

Post by veremin » Nov 10, 2017 11:50 am

Hi, Nick, and welcome to our community forums,

Do you mind applying to Veeam Cloud Provider group, using Usergroup settings in the User Control Panel. This's needed to get access to dedicated cloud providers' forum where similar questions are discussed.

Your post will be moved there soon.


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