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Config Question

Post by hongman » Jan 31, 2014 4:27 am


Just thought I'd sanity check this!

We have 2 sites in question, both with vSphere 5, and latest Veeam.

Essentially these are 2 completely independent sites. Each site has its own Veeam server and backs up locally to their respective repositories.

At Site A we provide an offsite backup service via high speed VPN. We have added Site B's VC into Veeam and backup Site B's VM's over the link.

Single Veeam server (VM) at both sites

What makes me think something can be done better?

1. When the offsite backups are running, the job rate reported is very slow - like 3-500kbps. However, the VPN which is capped at 10Mbps is showing traffic at a much higher rate than that?

2. There is always the error in the logs No available proxies are running on ESX(i) management interface subnet. Using proxies from a different subnet, performance may be impacted. Proxy selection in all jobs is set to Auto.

If you need more infrastructure info please let me know, but otherwise, does this look like anything should be investigated?

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Re: Config Question

Post by foggy » Jan 31, 2014 6:23 am

To optimize VM data retrieval from the Site B's storage, you need to configure a proxy server there, close to the storage. You could either add your Site B's Veeam B&R server as a proxy to Site A's Veeam B&R server (however there will be no max concurrent tasks control between backup servers on such a shared proxy, each of them will consider the proxy as it's own) or set up an additional (or other existing) VM to serve as hotadd proxy for remote backup jobs. Currently in your case, default (remote) proxy server is used to retrieve VM data via VPN, which is extremely inefficient.

However, the more recommended approach to address this scenario is using backup copy jobs, designed specifically with offsite backup in mind.

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