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Copy job - restore points as full schedule

Post by ns00h » Nov 25, 2018 11:26 am


I think I've read a number of times that it can be kind of difficult to schedule copy jobs.

I have a backup job that has 14 day retention.

A copy job is linked to the backup job that runs every 7 days.

From the copy job I want Fulls for 5 weeks on Sunday, 12 months on the 1st and 7 years on first of July.

The copy job is running and creating a weekly Full but the date of the file isn't Sunday. Even though the date of the copy job isn't Sunday, is the data in the Full from the copy job from the Sunday restore point of the Backup Job? Or is it from the last restore point of the backup job which could be a Tuesday, for example, of when the copy job runs?

If the latter is the case, is it up to me to kick off the copy job to keep the schedule where I want it?


Andreas Neufert
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Re: Copy job - restore points as full schedule

Post by Andreas Neufert » Nov 25, 2018 8:35 pm

Hi Nathan,

you define at the first screen of the copy job when the job looks for the next restore point and then transport this point (based on scheduler on last page) to the copy job destination.
If you want to keep specific days within the backup copy job chain, you need them to be created in the primary copy job chain.

You have two options, to sync the weekly/monthly with the copy job run times or just to run the backup copy job every day to have this restore point.
Technically this is the best approach as you have to forward these changes anyway to the backup copy job destination. There is just a bit of an overhead for this.

Anyway we recommend to have a second copy of the last restore points to fulfill the 3-2-1 backup rule and this would be inline with it.

The best option would be to run the backup copy job daily. If you want only the weekly, monthly and yearly, you can set the backup copy job primary chain to 2 (min number). This way you have all restore points for the weekly, monthly and yearly GFS points and whatever you have selected there just work.

There are potentially other options, but you would need to describe a bit the environment and bandwidth available.

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