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database log disk

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I would like to know if it make sense to backup virtual machine disks dedicated to sql server database logs.
We have transaction log backup active; hdd dedicated to logs are very large and take a lot of time during backup and above all during backup copy to Veeam Cloud Connect.

What do you usually do?

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Re: database log disk

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Hi Andrea and Welcome to Veeam R&D Forums!

It depends on what kind of restore scenarios do you need to cover. If you process the disk, you'll preserve all restore capabilities. For example, Instant VM Recovery might be helpful in case of full disaster as it allows you to spin up a fully functional workload directly from backup. If you don't process the disk, the only tool which will help you to restore database is Veeam Explorer for SQL and you always need to have a SQL server that can be used as a target for restore.


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