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Datastore or iSCSI initiator

Post by sergeadam »

I have 2 Dell Equalogics to be used to store my backups. What is most efficient, add them as datastores on my hosts and add disks to the VEEAM proxy VM, or use the iSCSI initiator from inside the VEEAM Proxy VM.

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Re: Datastore or iSCSI initiator

Post by Shestakov »

Using iSCSI initiator is more efficient for you, because in the other case, backups will be kept on VMFS disks, which is not the best practice.
Thank you.

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Re: Datastore or iSCSI initiator

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If your using the Dell EQL devices to host your virtualisation storage, I would say to not then setup a LUN on here for your Veeam server,

if anything happens to the storage, then this could also affect your backups. So you may be better buying a NAS, which you can connect to your Veeam Server as a share or iSCSI target.
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