Host-based backup of VMware vSphere VMs.
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Deduplication & compression settings best practices

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i am looking for some best practices for the settings of the 'storage' tab settings (ie Compression and deduplication level).

My Veeam design is a single VBR VM (virtual appliance mode) on a ESXi standalone with a big VMDK (local storage) acting as repository. So i don't have any dedup appliance. therefore, my backup proxy and repository proxy services are on the same OS : data transfer between the backup proxy (reading and processing dedup & compression) and the repository proxy (writing on disc) are not transmit on network (if i understood well... i guess they use some interprocess mechanism ?).

My questions are :
  • Can i use the WAN dedup setting in order to maximize the dedup ratio on my repository, even if the network is not used ? Does it make sense ?
  • Can i use the Best Compression setting in order to reduce the backup files size ?
  • Does anyone have some interesting feedbak on this both settings ? Does Veeam provides some official best practices (i did not find anything on the site) ?
I know that setting this parameters to the highest value will increase the backup window due to the time of computing the dedup and the compression by the backup proxy...

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Re: Deduplication & compression settings best practices

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Yes and Yes.
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