Host-based backup of VMware vSphere VMs.
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Deleting immutable backup repository content?

Post by Backup.Operator »

My Linux hardened repository is now running out of disk space with just 250 KB free.

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Unable to create target storage, processing will be retried (retry 6 out of 6)
Failed to pre-process the job 
Error: boost::filesystem::rename: No space left on device: "/VeeamBackup/backups/Test Backup/File Server - Daily.vbm_7_tmp", "Daily.vbm" Agent failed to process method {FileSystem.Rename}. 
Backup location [/VeeamBackup/backups] is getting low on free disk space (252 KB free of 3.4 TB).
What's the best way to delete or remove the oldest files in the Repository ?

Thank you all in advance.
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Re: Deleting immutable backup repository content?

Post by albertwt »

Hi Operator,

Have a read-through: ... lity-works
From VBR GUI, you can't just right-click and Delete the backup as this is what the Immutability is for.

There is of course another way to do it by logging in as a Root OS user in the Linux Repository and then issuing the delete command.
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