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Direct SAN Access

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Hi There,
Today I updated a customer's live environment to v6. They are running ESX 4.1U2 and using VEEAM for backup and replication. The source cluster has an iSCSI attached HP P2000 and the target site had an IBM DS4000 FC attached SAN. The VEEAM server is a virtual server in the source cluster.
After the upgrade I configured a proxy on the target site using an FC attached Windows 2003 server from which I can see the LUNS in use by the cluster and on the source site I have given iSCSI access to the VEEAM server and it can see the LUNS on the souce cluster.
If I configure the proxies to only use direct SAN access my jobs fail stating that they cant access the storage and if I enable failover to LAN the jobs work over the LAN but very slowly.
Have I missed anything or is there any advice on where I should be looking to undertsand why Direct SAN access mode is failing.
Any help or advice appreciated.

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Re: Direct SAN Access

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Have you installed and configured microsoft iscsi initiator on the 2003 proxy servers? to access iscsi LUNs in san mode, you need the iscsi network to be properly configured on the proxy server.

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Re: Direct SAN Access

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Could you please verify if iSCSI/FC LUNs are visible in Windows Disk Management snap-in on the proxy servers?
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Re: Direct SAN Access

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I saw some installations where the luns are shown in windows disk manager as offline.
Normal state: "online, healthy, Unknown partiotion"

Do you use a Multipath Driver? (Think it works with and without)

I know only the IBM DS4000 System.
So for that system please check the following:
Do you use the same host type on your storage system for the veeam proxy server like it is configured for the ESX hosts?
What host type setting do you use?

CU Andy
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