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Disabling synthetic full on saturday

Post by marius roma »

Some backup jobs are configured to perform synthetic full on Saturday.
Now synthetic full take a very long time, up to 40 hours for a 35 VM backup job.
Given that the backup jobs are made mainly for safety reason (no more than 5 single files are restored in a week for the whole of the VM managed by the job, so performance in restoring single files is not a problem) and given that a typical job keeps 8 restore points, what are the disadvantages of disabling synthetic full on Saturday?
Should we expect to take longer restoring single files?
Should we expect to take longer if we restore a complete VM?
Should we expext to use more disk space?
should we expect to spend more time during the daily backup?
What else?

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Re: Disabling synthetic full on saturday

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With longer incremental chain, restoration will indeed take longer (both FLR and entire VM) as more increments should be applied to the corresponding full VBK file. Additional disk space will be required for the number of additional increments in the chain, but that should not be critical. Daily backup time will not be affected.

I would also mention, that it is not recommended to disable periodic fulls completely.

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