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DR design recommandation...

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Hello all,

I want to create a DR architecture like this : I've 2 sites with a 10 Mbps WAN link between them. I think to put 2 esxs on each site with an EMC SAN and One Veeam Server (VM) with 1-2 proxy agent on each site. The veeam server on site A will be in charge of replicate the VMs from site B on EMC storage LUN dedicated on site A and vice versa.
Each esx is sized to support the VMs from the remote site in case of DR.

Are you agree with this scenario ?

In such a case , what do you recommend for the ip addresses ? Do you use re-ip feature of Veeam to change the ip address of the Replicated Virtual machines to the DR site ip address plan or do you create a vlan on the DR site with the same subnet?

Thanks for your answer.

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Re: DR design recommandation...

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there are too many missing info to tell you the idea is right, basically it is, and one site will have a backup server using the backup server on the other site as a repository. how many proxies depend on the number of VMs, backup window, storage speed, network speed, etc etc etc.

About addressing, it depends on your network, if you can have stretched lan you will not have any re-ip problem, and you will be able to use same ip on both sides of the wan. Avoiding re-ip is better since you do not have to edit the VM with Veeam but you simply need to power it up.

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