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Dynamic schedule - powered on vmwares

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I have an esx host with approx 15 vmwares powered on and 5 vmwares powered off.
I have a second esx host with a similar use.

I created a folder in our virtual center which contains all virtual machines (powered on and
powered off)

is it possible to to a schedule on a folder and do a backup only on powered on virtual machines?

powered off machines should be backed up on weekend only.



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Re: Dynamic schedule - powered on vmwares

Post by Gostev »

Hi Axel, no it is not possible to do this - backup happens no matter of power state. However, for VMs that have been turned off, backup will be pretty much instant as there are no changes in the virtual disks for us to pickup. So, there is really no need to complicate things and have separate schedules for different VMs. Thanks.

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