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Email server certification problem

Post by Tutek »

we had to change new ssl certificate at our internal mail server, this is paid ssl certificate issuead by public issuer, on all webmail clients certificate is working without error, but veeam stop to sending any emails notifications and give this error:
17.05.2023 02:42:34 :: Sending e-mail report
Details: The remote certificate is invalid according to the validation procedure.

Maybe veeam need internet access to validate this cert or something?
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Re: Email server certification problem

Post by d.artzen »

Hi Tutek,

have you checked if the certificates of the Issuing CA and the Root CA of your new certificate are in the appropriate trust stores of your Veeam-Server? Maybe the public issuer changed the CAs (does happen from time to time) or the CA certificates were renewed and the Windows of the Veeam Server does not trust/know the new ones.

Best regards
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Re: Email server certification problem

Post by MarkBoothmaa »

We have started to see this and found that we needed to restart the VBR server and then it will update the cert and all is well.

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