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Errors when jobs are terminated

Post by jbarrow.viracoribt »

We have the following rules in place so that we can stop our replication process (at 8pm). Then reboot our proxies (at 8:30pm). Then we fire off our Backup jobs (at 9:00pm). Then we allow our replication jobs to start back up (at 12:00pm) when backups finish.

Every night our help desk is getting support tickets (emails) when the system kills the jobs that are running at 8pm (as instructed). Is there a way to disable emails for these? We have to address these false alarm tickets every day due to this.


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Re: Errors when jobs are terminated

Post by foggy »

Jonathan, I cannot imagine a way to suppress the notifications exclusively for such cases. Is there a chance your helpdesk could ignore messages from backup server arriving close to 8pm? Probably you should redesign your strategy so that replication jobs could finish within the allowed time (no sense to start them if you know that they will fail each day, anyway).

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Re: Errors when jobs are terminated

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Instead of stopping services, you should use powershell script that will pause the replication jobs and later on resume them.


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