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ESXi Maintenance Mode During Backup/Replication?

Post by jbarrow.viracoribt »

Here's a scenario.

Site A
-Cluster A

Site B
-Cluster B

Let's say you have replication or backup jobs configured in Veeam, pointing to the Cluster Node objects.
Now let's say those jobs are running 24/7, always having disks mounted via HotAdd at Site A pushing data to Site B via NBD.

Now, what would happen if you threw one of theses hosts into Mainteance mode from within vCenter but kept the jobs running in Veeam?

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Re: ESXi Maintenance Mode During Backup/Replication?

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Even if the replica job is continuos, at every run cycle it checks the infrastructure to determine where the VM is running, because the informations are coming from vCenter but the actual data flow is from the ESXi running the VM. So when you put an ESXi in maintenance, vmotion will move it, and the VM will be then "mapped" to a new ESXi. That one will be the source for replica operations.
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