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Exact build of vmware currently supported?

Post by namiko78 »

Just wondering what build update 3a supports? It just says 6.5 update 2 on the website, but there have been 6+ updates from vmware that have come out since update 2 GA.

My VX-RAIL just released 6.5 P03 in a bundle, so wondering if that will cause any issues with veeam.

ESXi 6.5 P03 ESXi650-201811002 11/29/2018 10884925 N/A
ESXi 6.5 EP 11 ESXi650-201811001 11/09/2018 10719125 N/A
ESXi 6.5 EP 10 ESXi650-201810002 10/23/2018 10390116 N/A
ESXi 6.5 EP 09 ESXi650-201810001 10/02/2018 10175896 N/A
ESXi 6.5 U2C ESXi650-201808001 8/14/2018 9298722 NA
ESXi 6.5 U2b ESXi650-201806001 6/28/2018 8935087 N/A
ESXi 6.5 U2 GA ESXi 6.5 U2 GA 5/3/2018 8294253 N/A

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Re: Exact build of vmware currently supported?

Post by DGrinev »

Hey Steven,

Those updates or patches consist of bug fixes and in the most cases don't break anything.
You can find the existing discussion here and additional information regarding version 6.5 update 2 in here. Thanks!

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