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Exchange 2010 Log Truncation Veeam10

Post by compug »

Veeam Backup and Replication version 10 is configured properly and the logs are purging. 2 Node DAG. Backup is performed on active node. I understand best is on the passive node.


Backup ran/start on June 02 at 11:30PM and was successful (incremental - 2hrs runs time). Today is June 03 but I still see some logs from June 02. But June 01 logs which were there are purged.
Why are the logs for June 02 not purging? And I know they will be purged when the backup completes for June 03. Is this normal?

I then went to application log on my active node exchange to search for event id:2046 which is related to the DB truncation logs and could not find the even id:2046 on either nodes.
https://social.technet.microsoft.com/Fo ... change2010

Thank you in advance.

Dima P.
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Re: Exchange 2010 Log Truncation Veeam10

Post by Dima P. »

Hello compug,

It's hard to say what went wrong without information from debug logs. Can you please raise a support case and share the case ID with us? Thank you in advance!

Andreas Neufert
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Re: Exchange 2010 Log Truncation Veeam10

Post by Andreas Neufert »

I think the main point here is that we just trigger the truncation of the logs at Exchange. Exchange decide what it will tricuate.
My guess is that you have some outstanding replication accross your servers and that replication is not working in all direction for firewall reasons or similar.

Check with Exchange tools that the replication works correctly accross your servers.

The event ID is the one for replication of the changes accross the servers. You will see it only if the replication happens or only at specific servers.
I explained it a bit deeper here. There is some other event logs that you can look at.
https://andyandthevms.com/exchange-dag- ... plication/

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