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Export Job Settings from SQl

Post by nunciate »

Any SQL experts out there know a query that I can run to view all of my job settings for each job type? Need to quickly review all settings on Bakcup, Backup Copy, Tape and Replications jobs.
I want to see everything including the info on the Advanced tabs that shows what days synthetic fulls run on and all that.

I wish you could add columns to the job display in the console so I could easily verify when all of my full backups occur on the weekend and adjust as needed. Right now I have to edit every job manually and go through all the tabs.

Vitaliy S.
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Re: Export Job Settings from SQl

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Hi Alan,

I'm not sure about SQL Server, but it should be possible to do via PowerShell > Export Job Configuration


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Re: Export Job Settings from SQl

Post by veremin »

Information regarding synthetic full backup can be gotten via the following one-liner:

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Get-VBRJob | select name, {$_.options.BackupTargetOptions.TransformFullToSyntethic}, {$_.options.BackupTargetOptions.TransformToSyntethicDays}

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