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Failed Replicate between ESXi Host

Post by jimsheng »

i have questions on ESXi 5.0 with Veeam Backup Replicate 6

there are 2 ESXi hosts , i 'd like replicate VMS from an ESXi Host local DataStore to other ESXi Host local DataStore
On Veeam Server host , there only setup Backup Proxy locates on Veeam Server

I research forums , and read following article
shall i know forthe case , how to setup target proxy ?

Host name ESXi01 and ESXi02

thanks alot
Re: Unable to backup vCenter/Veeam server in v6
by Gostev » Thu Dec 29, 2011 10:43 pm

Sorry for that correct, ESXi was never supported as a backup target anyway.

Replication will work, it is just that 2nd (different) proxy is needed to be used as a target proxy. But you have already did that earlier anyway (on the previous page you said you added the 2nd proxy, and then the job worked - as expected).
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Re: Failed Replicate between ESXi Host

Post by bunger »

A few questions:

- are you replication your Veeam server or different servers?

- are both ESXi hosts on the same LAN or is one a remote host ( ie., over a WAN )

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Re: Failed Replicate between ESXi Host

Post by Vitaliy S. »

Have you checked our User Guide for this info? This is covered in great details starting from page 78.
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