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Failover and Failback

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Hi I am a beginner and I already read this post ... ml?ver=120 but I am still confused, I have a replica job of a vm working ok, so I want to perform a failover and everything ok, I know the process, but when I work in my replica site I will make changes in my vm ok?, so what happens when I perform a failback? all the changes made in the replica vm come back automatically to my production site? or I have to make a job now from replica site to production site?.

I understand from the post that it´s automatic in the process of failback, but I am working in a production enterprise and I don´t want to loss any data.

Thank you so much
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Re: Failover and Failback

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Hi Mark and Welcome to Veeam R&D Forums!

You don't need to create any additional jobs. As stated on this page:
When you perform failback, you switch back to the source VM and send to the source VM all changes that took place while the VM replica was running.
Once failback is completed, you can test whether the source/recovered VM works fine with these changes and if so, you can do Commit Failback.

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Re: Failover and Failback

Post by Rumple »

It also depends on the fail over and fail back method you use. If you fail over to "replica" and run on the replica without doing permanent fail over then you can "perform fail back" which will replicate changes from the "Replica" back to the Primary
Source VM again and then you can confirm all recent data is present and then commit to the fail back. ... ml?ver=120
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