FEAT. REQ.: Include VMDK files (Docker store) in backup

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FEAT. REQ.: Include VMDK files (Docker store) in backup

Veeam Logoby Foxi352 » Tue May 15, 2018 7:03 am


Don't know if this was asked already, but did not find anything using the search function.
We need to add individual .vmdk files in our backup job, including possibility for snapshots and incremental backups.
According to support (Case 02958148) this is not possible right now, and the only solution would be a script that does a file copy job after the regular VM backup.

I'll explain our use case and try to convince you that adding this feature will probably be requested by more customers in near future:

We have a Docker swarm running on multiple VMware Photon OS (https://vmware.github.io/photon) virtual machines. To make docker volumes available via network to all swarm nodes we use the VMware vSphere Storage for Docker driver (https://vmware.github.io/vsphere-storage-for-docker). This driver stores the docker volumes in .vmdk files in a folder called 'dockvols' in the datastore root. Both are official VMware solutions !

Now we have problems correctly backup up these volumes using B&R 9.5. If you want to add these files into the VM backup job and you browse the datastore in the backup job definition, these vmdk's are hidden. As i was told only vmdk's referenced in vmx files are shown.

I would love to see a possibility in the next version to correctly backup these container volumes .vmdk files, including snapshot, incremental backup e.t.c. Just the same as VM vmdk files.
I am open for all questions and / or comments...

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