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Feature Request: AD DFS Namespace & Folder Replication

Post by PAP400 »

The environment: Veeam B&R Ent 9.5U3; 2 x 6.5U1 ESXi hosts in HA mode + 1 x 6.5U1 ESXi host for Veeam VM Replicas; Windows 2016 AD root Domain
The accident: one of the AD-Integrated DFS was accidentally deleted
The surprise: Veeam B&R is not able to restore the objects [ADDomain/System/Dfs-Configuration] and [ADDomain/System/DFSR-GlobalSettings] and thus none of their subcontainer and objects

= Workaround =
Startup PDC Emulator (couldn't remember wether the DFS was created for consistency or scalability) and one of the Namespace Server involved, in an isolated environment in the "Replica Server".
Logged on PDC Emulator
Exported the DFS Namespace via dfsutil
dfsutil root export \\ADDomain\NamespaceName NamespaceExport.xml
Seeked if some particular setting was set for the namespace server itself:
DFSUtil.exe server registry DfsDnsConfig NamespaceServerName
DFSUtil.exe server registry LdapTimeoutValue NamespaceServerName
DFSUtil.exe server registry SyncInterval NamespaceServerName

On production AD PDC: created missing NamespaceName, added the namespace servers involved and then restored via dfsutil
dfsutil root import set NamespaceExport.xml \\ADDomain\NamespaceName verbose

Lastly I hade to recreate replication Groups

Could you possibly add namespace objects besides the others restorable Active Directory objects?

Thank you


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Re: Feature Request: AD DFS Namespace & Folder Replication

Post by foggy »

Hi Paolo, thank you for the request. You can find some reasoning behind not supporting system objects restore in this post. Thanks!

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