Feature request: Define (or filter) based on OS or name

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Feature request: Define (or filter) based on OS or name

Veeam Logoby deltwalrus » Mon May 09, 2016 6:08 pm

Greetings, all!

I am moving to Veeam B&R from Commvault Simpana, and one thing that I already miss is Commvault's more-powerful filtering methods. For example, one Commvault job (for Windows VMs) was defined by "Guest OS contains Windows AND VM name does not contain 'string' "

I know that this can all be replicated in folders, but folders are not automatic, and our environment (especially Linux systems) is growing by leaps and bounds, so automation is key to our survival. I am often completely unaware of newly-built VMs for days if not weeks, but they all need to be backed up.

The only good way I see of doing this is creating two folders, Windows and Nonprod. The Windows job would select only VMs in that folder, and the Linux job would select only VMs in neither folder (assuming I don't want to back up test machines).

Anyone else have any better way of carving things up?
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Re: Feature request: Define (or filter) based on OS or name

Veeam Logoby MPlesnerJ » Mon May 09, 2016 9:58 pm

Hi Deltwalrus (Jess)

In Veeam Backup & Replication you are able to make jobs based on VMware Tags, i suspect you are running vCenter, right?

A great design is to create a Backup Job and Backup Copy job based on SLA, One SLA = one VMware tag

How you build your VMware Tags and what tool you want to use is up to you.
Our other product Veeam ONE gives you the option to write logistics like the one you are looking for.
IF 'guest OS' = windows & VM name = 'string' then set VM.tag

I always recommend customers to design for a 14 or 30 days backup job of ALL VM (including prod, test, dev.)

And then use VMware tags to defined what servers need to be handle by Backup Copy jobs (GFS)

This way you keep your job management down, and everybody knows we a least got 14 or 30 days of everything.

Hope this give you a idea to great design.
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Re: Feature request: Define (or filter) based on OS or name

Veeam Logoby dellock6 » Tue May 10, 2016 2:55 pm

We also have a whitepaper explaining how to use tags for backup policies, you may want to have a look:
https://www.veeam.com/wp-advanced-polic ... -tags.html

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