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Feature Request: Degrade to backup from host directly

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With backup solutions the problem is the vCenter availability.

Sometimes, customers have the vCenter out of service for several days and the vCenter is often the Front Door for Backups.
I think the vCenter is not really a critical service which can be down without really impact on infrastructure for 1 or 2 days (except for backups). But if customers don't obtain backups every days, its much more critical...

Is it practicable to implement a "degraded mode" when vCenter is unavailable ? For example, when adding a vCenter in Backup Infrastructure, we can also fill root account for ESXi and if vCenter is DOWN Veeam use direct connection to ESXi.

if VM are VMotioned before the last state, the job can fail but the major number of VM wiill be backuped UP.

Is it a dumb request ? because a often listen customer with down vCenter cry because theuy don't have backup without any emotion for the down vCenter.

Sorry for me english...

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Re: Feature Request: Degrade to backup from host directly

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Do they experience vCenter outage so often that they actually need such a feature? Besides, vcenter can be backed up in many different ways, including usage of VBR, so it can be brought back to life pretty fast. I would say that an automatic failover to direct connection seems to be a wrong way to mitigate the problem.


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