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Feature request – dv-PortGroup selection option during virtual lab setup

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Thanks Veeam for your support and all the development efforts.
In some occasions we need to setup a new virtual lab or modify the existing ones to access the services from an isolated network. During these times we choose dv-switch and the setup wizard automatically create a new dv-switch port group for an isolated network.
It would be great to pre-create an isolated port group (pg) in the vCenter server and select the pg from the wizard box.
In this fashion it is much easier to reconfigure the virtual-lab setup when the datacenter was changed. This option is very useful in case of cross vCenter movement, hybrid cloud or dc to dc cases.
We appreciate your further research and act toward the aforementioned issue.

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Re: Feature request – dv-PortGroup selection option during virtual lab setup

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Unless I'm misunderstanding the request, this is already possible. I believe you are speaking of the Network Mapping screen when you map Production networks to Isolated Networks. You are correct that, by default, it shows a suggestion for creating a new port group, and it shows the isolated network in a dropdown, however, what's not completely clear is that you can also type in this field and enter the exact name of any existing portgroup and it will simply use that group.

I use this all the time when creating Surebackup labs in my own setup. Years ago I created a pool of portgroups on isolated VLANS that aren't used for any of my production workloads (these happen to be on a separate setup of ethernet switches as well, but that's certainly not a requirement). Then I just create Surebackup labs as needed using these same portgroups from the pool rather than constantly creating and deleting portgroups.

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