Host-based backup of VMware vSphere VMs.
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Feature Request: Edit default (hardcoded) backup starttime 22:00

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Hi all,

I was asked by Veeam support to open up a Feature Request topic on the forums for one of our cases we have had with them.

Feature Request: Ability to change the default backup start time which is 22:00. Currently this is hardcoded in the Veeam sofware.

We use Veeam Backup & Replication within all of our environments. Usually this doesn't give us an issue. But in our VMware Cloud Director environment in which we also use Veeam Backup & Replication you have to use "default template" backup jobs. You can create a backup job with all the settings you want your tenants/customers to have and submit/use this job as a template in the Veeam Enterprise Manager interface when you create/edit a tenant.

Within this, the default start time specified in the job template is not used for the tenants, since the start time of 22:00 is hardcoded in the Veeam software.

Because of this, all of our (hundreds/thousands) of Veeam jobs and thousands of VM's are scheduled to backup on 22:00. Most customers don't bother to choose another start time for their jobs, since this is the default. This in return makes the backup environment overcrowded at 22:00. Since customers can choose their own start time, we cannot simply move the starttimes ourselfes without discussing this with hundreds of customers.

As far as I can see at this point in time I can see two possible solutions:
1. Use the backup job start time defined in the job template.
2. Provide the ability to edit the default backup job start time in Veeam Backup & Replication.

Please let me know what you think of this.
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Re: Feature Request: Edit default (hardcoded) backup starttime 22:00

Post by Mildur »

Hi Bryan

Have you already tried the following setting "Deny: Creates daily jobs with randomized start time within the backup window" when you add the vCloud organization setting to the enterprise manager?

This setting should solve your issue that all jobs are running at the same time. ... ml?ver=120

The allowed backup window for the randomized job start time can be configured in the dashboard chart settings (unexpected location, I know). ... ml?ver=120

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