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Feature Request - Export Backup Enhancements

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We really need some enhancements to the export backup feature. Here are my main issues.

1. This feature doesn't give you an option to choose a different repository. With being an EMC DD shop this kills me. As anyone who has a DD knows it is not easy to move files around. An example is legal saying we need you to save all file shares backups that were taken on October 1st. The only option to gather these is to use the export command or file browser, find the VBKs, then copy these to a different repository. Issue with moving them in file browser comes when the date legal wants is an incremental not a full. Export would then be the only option.

So you have to use the export feature to make your full for the date you want... You then have to go into file browser and find it and then copy it to the repository you need it to be in. With DataDomain this take a huge amount of time... Talking days depending on the amount of data. I actually have an export job still running from yesterday.

2. The option to state why your doing the export is useless. So it states the reason you gave on that on the job when its running and in history but once its done there is no way to let people know why the backup is in the imported section. They see an export a month old and go hmm lets cleanup this up.

We need to have a column that give a comment section

3. Really not an export feature but it would be nice if Imported had an option for folders as well and an option to protect a backup like we have with tape so a exported backup doesn't get removed accidentally.

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Re: Feature Request - Export Backup Enhancements

Post by Gostev »

Thanks for your feedback, and the explanation of use cases.

Is there any specific reason why you chose to create this topic in VMware vSphere forum?
For example, do you not need the same capabilities for other Veeam backups?

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