Host-based backup of VMware vSphere VMs.
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Feature Request: SureBackup - VMware Tag to Role Mapping

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Was delivering a session today about SureBackup and one of the attendees gave a really useful suggestion that I wanted to post to here.

It would be handy if VMware Tags could be assigned to Roles in a SureBackup Job.

Reason: Currently SureBackup can target roles at VMs on a Backup Job or Per-VM level. However I’ve seen scenarios whereby customers use multiple VMware Tags to achieve different results, such as defining their backup jobs with tags for an RPO (Bronze / Silver / Gold for different backup frequencies as an example), but then also tagging their servers with IIS, SQL etc.

It’d be useful to reuse these other tags as a way of defining the SureBackup roles to be tested against a VM, and improve scalability when targeting roles at a per backup job option isn’t suitable.
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Re: Feature Request: SureBackup - VMware Tag to Role Mapping

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what do you / the customer think about setting these roles via PowerShell? Read roles from VMware-tags and set them in the job?

I have the feeling, that SureBackup might become too complex, if we add such options.

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