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File renaming and backups to Glacier

Post by IgorB@SFB »

I'm looking to improve our backup process and use Veeam for more of it. We are having an issue with naming and sending files to Glacier. Currently, we are doing full backups weekly and incremental nightly. Once a month, we take the latest full backup and send it to Amazon Glacier.
Veeam is handling the nightly and weekly backups.
Other software is sending the last full backup to Glacier as part of a monthly job. A simple script is run beforehand that finds the latest full backup file and creates a hard link to it with a consistent name. The renaming allows us to specify keeping the last x number of versions. As the latest backup is send, the oldest is deleted.
I have not been able to find any settings about the naming of files. This post is helpful, but I'm not looking to overwrite each nightly backup.
https://www.virtualtothecore.com/en/kee ... plication/
Any suggestions are helpful.

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Re: File renaming and backups to Glacier

Post by veremin »

Can you elaborate on few things: what backup mode are you using (forward incremental with periodic fulls or reversed incremental); what do you men by saying that "you're not looking to overwrite each nightly backup"? Thanks.

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