Host-based backup of VMware vSphere VMs.
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File restore from storage snaps via proxy?

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We're on VB&R 11 currently.

Hello, currently if we choose to do a "Restore guest files" -> "Linux and other..." from Veeam nightly backups, we're able to choose to perform the file restore from one of our linux proxies. This is great because rather than use the GUI we can get on the proxy and do what's needed to get the data we need, whether that's rsync, start up mysql against the mounted snapshot to dump database tables, etc.

If we instead want to do a file restore from storage snapshots, and use the same "Restore guest files" -> "Linux and other..." dialog, we only see the option to use an FLR helper appliance, which involves additional steps and won't have all the tools we need to get at the data we want in many cases.

Since a VMDK is being mounted either way, whether direct from the object on the backup array or direct to a snapshot off the production storage, is there a way to use a proxy for the file restore from storage snaps like we can do with backups? If answer is no, but v12 adds this, we'd definitely upgrade to get that feature.
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Re: File restore from storage snaps via proxy?

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Hi Colo, yes, v12 adds the capability to mount disks to a Linux host: ... ml?ver=120
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