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GFS backup and copy 2nd site

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I want to make a GFS backup.
Herefor I must create 2 jobs?

1) backup job with minimum of restore points?
2) backup copy job?

The have the backups GFS on the same storage, I have to create a new Repository for it? (backup copy for and to the same repositorie doesn't wrok)

The GFS in the backup copy will create full backups of teh machines ?

Finaly I want that the backups an this repository are copied to a offsite repository?
I must create a new backyp copy job?

Andreas Neufert
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Re: GFS backup and copy 2nd site

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The idea of a Backup Copy Job is
a) to create a copy of the data
b) to create an independent chain (not only a storage replica)
c) to transport the data over WAN/LAN to another destination
d) to create long term restore points at a cheaper storage

You can create multiple Backup Copy Jobs out of same Repository. Yes, you need another Repo as Backup Copy Job target, as the BCJ works in a way that it monitors if the next restore point is already on the Target Repository. If you select same for Source and target it will detect that the restore point is already there and do nothing.

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