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Guest OS Support Nt,2000 ,XP etc

Post by skydok »

Hi ,
I have couple questions:

I am facing somthing not pretty at the Customer ,
the customer has Couple virtual machines with
windows NT
Windows 2000
Windows XP

1.Which issues sohuld i take in counter when i put them in backup?
2.Is this supported for the above VM Guest OS?

Linux Machine with Oracle:

3.How should i face this ? i didn't tried to backup oracle until now ,and not of linux of course
which doesn't have vss to help out.
4.Should i maybe allocate space for DUMP and just use it like that?
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Re: Guest OS Support Nt,2000 ,XP etc

Post by foggy »

Generally, every OS that is supported by VMware can be backed up. However, considering your list, application-aware image processing is supported for Windows XP only, other OS's should be backed up with VMware Tools quiescence.

As for backing up Oracle on Linux, you should use VMware pre-freeze and post-thaw scripts to stop/start application services inside VM.
Here's a good webinar for better understanding.

Hope this helps.

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