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Hana Backup Storage

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Hello Experts

How to calculate storage space for hana abckup ?

SAP formula is: (Sizedata+Sizeredolog) x backup cycle.
But my backup is much smaller than this formula suggests.

For example, my
/hana/data is 500 GB (i.e. occupied by data)
/hana/log is 50GB
But the Full backup is only
200 data backup
20 log backup
How to calculate that correctly?

Many Thanks
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Re: Hana Backup Storage

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It depends on the selected backup method. If you make backups at the application level using our plug-in for SAP HANA, I'd recommend following the SAP formula: it's much better to have some free space on your backup storage than to end up with the failed backups due to a lack of this very free space.

If you protect your SAP HANA workloads using image-level backup, data compression is performed by the Source Data Mover running on a proxy server. You may refer to the capacity calculator. I guess you can determine your change rate by running a couple of incremental backups and comparing the resulting size.

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