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Hardware recomendation for off-site target (WAN Accelerator)

Post by TrK »

I`m searched forum and did not find a recommended hardware configuration for remote target with WAN Accelerator. If this question already answered - give me a link, please?

I have standard Backup Job, initial full size 2.4TB. Every day add 40-60GB of incremental data. I want to build some small server and place it in remote location as a target for off-site backups. WAN link is something like ~50Mb so I`m going to use WAN Accelerator.

Is there any recommendations for hardware - CPU, RAM, Disk I/O? I`m think about HP Microserver gen8 with G2020T CPU and 4 GB RAM - is enough for that?

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Re: Hardware recomendation for off-site target (WAN Accelera

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Dmitry, please review the system requirements user guide section, should address your questions.

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