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Backup from Storage Snapshots questions

Post by jellekamma » Sep 19, 2019 12:26 pm


We are planning to invest in new IBM storage with new ESX hypervisors. We want to be able to use veeam storage snapshots integration. However, one of our consultants said this is not a very good option for us because we have pretty big datastores with a lot of vms. He said because we use a lot of VMs per datastore (lets say 50) every VM will need to be placed in "hot backup" mode. because this will happen for 50 vms at one the hypervisor will get a big beating. Is this true? If so, what will be the main reason to use hardware snapshots? I do not want to create a datastore for each 3 virtual machines.

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Re: Backup from Storage Snapshots questions

Post by PTide » Sep 19, 2019 1:15 pm

Is this true?
If you go with Veeam default settings, then a VMware snapshot will be created for each and every VM on LUN, and yes, that most likely will introduce some I/O penalty.

However, you can limit the amount of VMs to be processed in one storage snapshot, please check this UG page for explanation.


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