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HotADD Problem after removing esxi host

Post by she » Jul 04, 2012 10:46 am

SupportCase 5198664, veeam 6.1


after two weeks with veeam support I still have no real solution.
My problem:
We had a ESXi5 bootbank problem, so we had to install esxi new. After that I removed the old esx from vcenter and inserted the new esxi5 to vcenter. The new esxi5 has same name and ip.
Everything is visible in vcenter and working. Datastore, VMs... are exactly the same like on old esx host
If I start my backup or replication jobs from or to the new esxi over vcenter , I allways get a error that hotadd is not working. With the old host it was working. We have not changed anything on veeam server nor on veeam proxy.
...... Hot add is not supported for this disk, failing over to network mode...
If I made a new test repl over vcenter same problem.
After that support tried to include this problematic host directly as standalone host in veeam. After that backups and repl are running with hotadd , but that is not a solution, It had to work over vcenter

So there must be some problem with veeam , if it is accessing this host over vcenter. I think the problem must be something with veeam
veeam support told me to connect vmware for support, but we have no support for vmware

At the beginning if the job I can see that hotadd is accepted:

Maybe someone could help or had the same problem after changing the esxi host

Vitaliy S.
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Re: HotADD Problem after removing esxi host

Post by Vitaliy S. » Jul 06, 2012 10:33 am

Just as a further step of troubleshooting try to install Veeam B&R from scratch (clean DB is a must) and create a test job to see if HotAdd mode works or not. If it doesn't then there is nothing to do with Veeam actually...and I should agree with our support team that this should be escalated to VMware support. Thanks!

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