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HotAdd VDDK performance

Post by evilaedmin »


We're seeing what we think is an upward trend of this error(below). Jobs complete overall because retries == 3, but for logging and reporting skews the success numbers.

Does not appear to be isolated to any one proxy.

Hosts are unfortunately a mix of Esxi 6.5 Update 2 with differing patch releases and one ESXi Update 1 host.

Just curious if there's any known issues?

Code: Select all

Queued for processing at 1/25/2019 2:13:21 AM
Required backup infrastructure resources have been assigned
VM processing started at 1/25/2019 4:12:02 AM
VM size: 250.0 GB (48.7 GB used)
Storage initialized
Job will operate in high bandwidth Catalyst mode
Getting VM info from vSphere
Creating VM snapshot
Saving [vmdftprd_win12_prd03] cswebprd03d/cswebprd03d.vmx
Saving [vmdftprd_win12_prd03] cswebprd03d/cswebprd03d.nvram
Preparing backup proxy veeamproxyprd05.dpu.depaul.edu for disk Hard disk 1 [hotadd]
Using backup proxy veeamproxyprd04 for disk Hard disk 2 [hotadd]
Preparing backup proxy veeamproxyprd05u for disk Hard disk 3 [hotadd]
Hard disk 2 (0.0 B)
Removing VM snapshot
Error: Agent: Failed to process method {HotAdd.AttachDisks}: The specified transports are not available. Available transports: [nbd]. Specified transports: [hotadd]. VMDK path: [[vmdftprd_win12_prd03] cswebprd03d/cswebprd03d_2.vmdk].
Network traffic verification detected no corrupted blocks
Processing finished with errors at 1/25/2019 4:15:45 AM

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Re: HotAdd VDDK performance

Post by foggy »

Hi Eugene, what is the support case ID for this issue? Please also review this thread for information.

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