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how do I safely delete old backups after refid change?

Post by jb1095 »

I have already searched these forums and can not find a clear answer. We created a new vCenter and migrated VMs to it. Now the first job run for each VM is a full backup(have a ticket open with this with Veeam already), but the issue is we are going to run out of space if this is not resolved very soon. One of our bigger VMs(2.9TB) already ran a full backup under the new vcenter. So it is safe for us to delete one of the old backups but we do not want to kill the entire job. The options appear to be "delete from disk" and it appears as though that will take the entire VM out of the database and off the disk and we don't want to do that. We just want to delete a restore point past 21 days.

The retention policies do not apply here because Veeam sees these VMs as brand new, so it will not do anything with the 21 days of data we currently have stored under the old VM ref id. Instead, it will start creating 21 more days of renention based on the first backup since we migrated the VMs to the new vCenter.

Is there any way to safely delete "SOME" restore points without deleting all of them and without deleting the entire VM?

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Re: how do I safely delete old backups after refid change?

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Jon, you can delete the corresponding files manually from the disk, however keep in mind that these restore points will still be displayed in the Veeam B&R console, until wiped out from the database according to the deleted VMs retention setting.

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Re: how do I safely delete old backups after refid change?

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I'm also wondering what backup mode is being utilized. In case of reversed incremental mode, you can delete oldest restore points without affecting subsequent points. Otherwise (forward incremental), deletion of some points will make dependent increments unusable. Thanks.

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