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How to run script inside guest os: GLOBAL LAUNCHER

Post by atsrl » Jun 27, 2019 1:47 pm

Hi everybody!

Just an easy question: there is a way to use one pre-freeze script to call/launch one script that is allready inside the guest os?
I like to set just the same pre-scritp to all the jobs, and in each OS one customized script for the differents databases.
The pre-freeze script act as a global launcher, and each db admin create his own customized scritp, using the name and location "hardcoded" in the global launcher.

In my test, using the launcher I get a 126 or 127 error code and no more info its given. The inside script isn't launched.
When I try to use the inside OS script as pre-freeze then works fine.
Allways using the root account to mitigate problems related to permissions.

Thank you all, and let me now if I wasn't clear.

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Re: How to run script inside guest os: GLOBAL LAUNCHER

Post by jmmarton » Jun 27, 2019 2:58 pm 1 person likes this post

The pre-freeze script is copied from the guest and executed there. To test your config, try manually copying the pre-freeze script and running it to see what happens when it calls the inside script. That will tell you what's going on. It should return no output and a value of 0 in order to execute properly as a pre-freeze script.


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