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how to see repository space consumed per VM

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How can I see the amount of repository storage consumed by a particular VM? Or for all VM's backed up in a repository?

As a repository gets full, I'd like to see which VM's are the biggest consumers. Maybe I can adjust the backups of those VM's or contact the owners to investigate, rather than increasing the repository size or decreasing retention. In our case repository expansion is not easy.

The size of the VM probably isn't the only indicator, since backup sizes also depend on how often the data is changing. A view of repository consumption per VM would really tell me which VM's to look at.


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Re: how to see repository space consumed per VM

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Hello Lyle,
When you backup several VMs in the same job, the VMs data is deduplicated, so it is not possible to recognize the size of each VM backup.
However, in the upcoming version, will be an option to keep VM backups separately.
For now you can use VM Change Rate History to detect which VMs contribute most to the backup file size.

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