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Instant recovery and free space

Post by alex2323 »

Hello, I have Windows XP with 5 GB free space on HDD. I installed VeeamBackup, but I can't run Instant recovery with VM more than 5Gb.

I guess that size of VM should equals the size of free space on HDD?

Is it correct? Thank you.
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Re: Instant recovery and free space

Post by foggy »

Instant Recovery uses vPower NFS datastore to store changes occurred to virtual disks while the recovered VM is running (redo logs). Considering you use the default NFS server available on your Veeam B&R console, you are running out of space on this datastore. While you do not generally required to have vPowerNFS datastore size to be equal to the size of the recovered VM, the space required to hold Instant Recovery cache data really depends on the VM activity. According to the product system requirements it is recommended to gave at least 10GB of free disk space.
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