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Integration with HPE StoreVirtual

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I'm troubleshotting an issue with the Following Environment:

Veeam Ent+
StoreVirtual VSA
Storage Integration

The StoreVirtual Cluster report 85% of space consumed, when the backup trigger the storage snapshot, the job fail with the message that there is no space do take snapshots.

So, weird because there are 15% of free space in the StoreVirtual Cluster. Investigating, we see that at the snapshot creation in the StoreVirtual fase, the StoreVirtual grow up to 99% ( we talkking about 3TB consumed in fewer seconds )

Case # 04148134

The question: Is normal this behavior ?

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Re: Integration with HPE StoreVirtual

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I think testing it with manual snapshots on the store virtual is key here. You should see the same issue and can work with HPE then directly.
If I remember right there is a setting that is responsible for snapshot reservations on that storage system and it is a configurable value with a default from I think 20%.

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