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Issues with SQL Server backup and VMDK consolidation

Post by mcgreen1966 »

Hi just after some advice, our Veeam DB is stored on a separate SQL server, which is currently part of the Vcenter backup group which we use in veeam.
I was thinking this probably wasn't a good idea, as its almost like veeam backing itself up, and i imagine during the snapshot processes there will be loss of connection to the sql server.

To be fair this has been working fine until recently. but the last few weeks, the backups fail, because the SQL server has gone offline, while vcenter is trying to consolidate the snapshots, which takes 6 hours !! (we see in vcenter the message disk consolidation is required).

For ease of restoring services, the team would rather have the whole server backed up using veeam.
my suggestion was to just setup SQL backups jobs, and backup the SQL backup Disk.

which would obviously mean in a DR situation , rebuilding the SQL server from scratch, and restoring the databases.

any advice on why this has started to happen, and the best way forward would be greatly appreciated


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Re: Issues with SQL Server backup and VMDK consolidation

Post by veremin »

Does this SQL server host only VB&R database? If so, why not to leverage configuration backup as backup server protection means?

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