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job hangs at "Truncating transaction logs Case 02400065

Post by fgw » Nov 28, 2017 11:14 am

two backup jobs with about 100 vm's each

both jobs hang at 99%
  • some vm's have a status of success with Processing finished as last entry in their action window
  • some vm's have the usual status of warning
  • some vm's have a status of error -but this also is of no concern, as they may finish success in the 2nd or 3rd retry
  • some vm's have a status 99% - and thats what concerns
some of this 99% vm's show at end of their action window either:
27/11/2017 04:25:44 :: Finalizing
27/11/2017 03:11:46 :: Finalizing
27/11/2017 03:11:48 :: Truncating transaction logs

where Finalizing typically took about 1 or 2 seconds while the status of Truncating transaction logs is still counting since yesterday. so far more than 32 hours ...

some thing to add:
before this happened i setup a new vcsa with same name and addr as old one and used the migration tool to migrate vm ids! this worked as expected and at least the backups that were running successful did not show any sign of an issue. in order to remove the old vcsa from vb&r configuration i needed to remove all references within the jobs. this was a bit of a pain as i needed to remove practically all information regarding selected/excluded systems and application aware info. may have overlooked something when putting this info back into the jobs manually, thus some of the failed vm's may be related to credential issues. but i doubt this is related to the Truncating transaction logs issue at all?

also there are some vm's having this issue which are running sql server. but most of them dont! so what transaction logs are the jobs trying to truncate here???

this jobs are scheduled on a daily basis. as this hanging jobs obviously prevent further daily backups this is somehow annoying!
sent logfiles to support yesterday, but still waiting for an answer.

any ideas? would like to get this running again today to be able to run backups tonight ...


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Re: job hangs at "Truncating transaction logs Case 02400065

Post by foggy » Nov 29, 2017 11:50 am

To identify the real cause of the issue deep logs analysis is required, so please continue working with your support engineer on this (I can see that you've been contacted). The fact that the affected VMs do not even have either Exchange or SQL Server installed looks strange, any chance some of these apps was installed there previously?

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