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Least Ports Needed to run Veeam in Secure Environment

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We are going to be installing a second Backup and Replication Server into a secure environment. This secure environment will have a firewall between our Backup Enterprise Manager and the new Backup and Replication Server. The secure environment will have all the infrastructure for back up in it. AKA the storage for repositories and such.
With this configuration, what would be the minimum firewall rules we would need to implement to allow the back up and replication server to communicate the bear minimum back to the Backup Enterprise Manager? We are assuming that the only reason it would need to talk to the Backup Enterprise Manager would be for licensing purposes. (If this is a bad assumption please let me know.)
I have read the following document.https://helpcenter.veeam.com/docs/backu ... ml?ver=110 I am trying to see if we can lock down the large amount of open ports to just what the bare minimum amount of ports to the least amount of open ports.
Any help would be appreciated. (Case # 05534640)

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Re: Least Ports Needed to run Veeam in Secure Environment

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Hi Frank,

In order to ensure stable functioning of all components, I suggest to keep opened all backup server ports mentioned on the page you've referred to. For example, EM also needs to replicate catalog data and leverage dynamic RPC so it's not only retrieving of license information.


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