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Licensing for less quantity of CPUs

Post by adrianmejia » May 26, 2017 8:27 pm

Hi every one,

I have a question, but first here is my environment:

1 vCenter Server 5.5
5 host with 4 sockets 5.5
5 host with 2 shockets 5.5
this is 30 sockets

We are going to renew our virtualization platform and reduce de amount of sockets as follows

1 vcenter 6.5
6 hosts with 2 sockets 6.5
this is 12 socket

This is my question, if I buy veeam availability suite for 12 sockets is there a way to assign the licenses only to certain servers? This is because I have to add the vcenter to veeam console and now I have more sockets than licences but at the end when we renew our infraestructure (next 6 months) I will have less amount of servers.


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Re: Licensing for less quantity of CPUs

Post by DaveWatkins » May 27, 2017 7:08 am

Sockets are assigned to hosts as a backup job is first run against those hosts, so if you only ever backup VM's on the new setup you will be fine. You can also revoke licenses from old hosts to assign them to the new hosts

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