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Local backup of remote server

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I am planning a Veeam deployment for a customer who is undergoing a major infrastructure refresh and virtualization.

We plan to use Veeam to backup around 7-10 Windows and Linux VMs at a head office site (2 servers, SAN, VMware Essentials Plus, Veeam Essentials).
We will also have remote servers (one for each of 5 sites), each running 1 or 2 VMs. These will be managed remotely.

Ideally, we would like to back those up too.

My questions are:

1. Can we use Veeam to backup the remote VMs to local disk attached to the remote servers (e.g. a USB drive) without traversing the WAN?
2. Do we need any additional licensing or can we do this if managed through a central Veeam server and remote backup proxies on the remote servers?

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Re: Local backup of remote server

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Yes, you need to set up virtual proxy servers on the remote hosts and will be able to backup VMs residing on those hosts to the local storage. Only management traffic will traverse the WAN link in case of such backup. You need a license that covers all the remote hosts, since Veeam B&R is licensed per source host (those where the VMs being backed up reside) CPU sockets.

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