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Main/BO distributed deployment

Post by jrwilmoth040707 » Jan 15, 2018 5:51 pm

I have a design scenario that I need help with...

Two main locations
Seven branch office locations

The original idea was to centralize the repository at one main location and copy job this to the second location. But this means I would be sending my backup jobs across slow links (and WAN accelerators only help copy jobs, not regular backup jobs) from my branch offices to the main location.

So now I'm thinking, since all the sites are virtualized, can I replicate the branch office VMs to the main location and then backup the replicas locally there?

For example:
BO1 replicates to MAIN1
BO2 replicates to MAIN1
BO3 replicates to MAIN1
BO4 replicates to MAIN1
BO5 replicates to MAIN1
BO6 replicates to MAIN1
BO7 replicates to MAIN1
MAIN1 backs up everything (self and BO replicas) locally
MAIN1 replicates only self to MAIN2
MAIN2 backs up everything (self and MAIN1 replica) locally
MAIN2 replicates only self to MAIN1

The idea behind this is that I would only need to deploy VMs at BOs. I would not need to deploy any additional hardware. The only places where I would deploy a hardware appliance of sorts would be MAIN1 and MAIN2.

Thoughts? Concerns?

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