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Manually Moving Backup Job From SOBR

Post by sosborne » Jan 16, 2020 12:13 pm

I have a SOBR repository with a large backup job on it and due to a change in backup strategy the SOBR is running out of space more quickly than anticipated (in a few months). But in the interim I want to move an archive job off of the SOBR and on to an RDM that I will add to a proxy (on our SAN in the BCP site which has space).

Is the process more complex than removing the backups from the configuration, copying the files across, and the importing them back in? Will there be any complications given the files were split across two extents with regards to the vbm and importing them back in (e.g will the vbm or the import throw up errors)?

Should I bear anything in mind with creation of a 40TB RDM? I know that an ISCSI attached to the guest OS is generally the preferred way of using SAN storage for Veeam backup but given that no new backups will be taken and as the retention policy starts being applied in a month or two they will be deleted (although this being done by script as the job is no longer active.

Obviously I will buy an extra shelf of storage and expand the SOBR but for various reasons it will be good to have a little more breathing room.

Thanks in advance for any pointers and advice.

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Re: Manually Moving Backup Job From SOBR

Post by foggy » Jan 16, 2020 12:23 pm 1 person likes this post

Since each extent has the same copy of VBM, there will not be any issues with import/rescan. You can also go with adding the new repo as an extent to SOBR, evacuating all the backups there, and finally removing that extent from SOBR - just an option.

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