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memory+cores per task for proxy changed with Linux

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Hoegimator wrote: Mar 03, 2020 10:20 am Good day

We are running our current Veeam Availability (B&R / VeeamOne) Infrastructure hardware since more then 5 years and it is about time to replace it with a new Advanced Deployment design. We are having close to 200 VM's running on a Cisco Hyperflex All Flash Storage with vSphere 6.7.

Our Advanced Deployment is planned like that:

1x VM for B&R
1x VM for Enterprise Manager, VeeamONE and SQL-Server for all databases
1x VM for WAN-Accel, Mount-Server and SoBRepository with iSCSI access to the Primary and Secondary backup storage
4x VMs for Backup and Guest-Interaction Proxies
1x Physical server for Tape-Server and fiber-channel access to two libraries (5 FC-Tape drives)

Does this ensure load balancing for best permormance or is it better to distribute the different roles to more VMs?
Is it ok to have the SQL server on same VM with VeeamOne and EM?

For a better understanding, I made a visio -> https://1drv.ms/u/s!AqWzGDhvaCPrgvF2eFLTbiTHmSAK_Q

I'm thankfull for any input.

Not to derail the thread but has the guidance for memory+cores per task for proxy changed with Linux? I would say if you are a strong Windows admin then Server Core alone can make a great improvement.

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Re: memory+cores per task for proxy changed with Linux

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Not to derail the thread
you totally derailed the topic - so I split your question away ;-)

Nothing changed for Linux proxies from a hardware recommendations perspective

Best regards,

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