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Merge fails to rename the vbk - umlaut problem?

Post by dweide »

One of my backup jobs fails all the time at the merge stage:

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01.02.2015 17:55:01 :: Full backup file merge failed Error: boost::filesystem::rename: Das System kann den angegebenen Pfad nicht finden: "G:\Backups\MSExchange täglich_1\MSExchange täglich2014-12-10T173040.vbk", "G:\Backups\MSExchange täglich_1\MSExchange täglich2015-01-23T173044.vbk"
Failed to rename file [G:\Backups\MSExchange täglich_1\MSExchange täglich2014-12-10T173040.vbk].
Failed to process [renameFileWithRollback].
The following retry allways runs OK reporting nothing to do.
Looking at the target repository I see thet the vbk name is actually stuck at some pretty old value.

Backup, merge and restore seem to be OK, at least SureBackup worked. Also looking at the available restore points the correct date is displayed.

I suspect the German umlaut 'ä' to cause the Problem, any solution for that (apart from creating a new Job without umlaut)?

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Re: Merge fails to rename the vbk - umlaut problem?

Post by foggy »

You're correct that non-Latin characters are not supported in the job names, this is covered in the release notes document. So probably the only workaround is to re-create the job or rename it (in the latter case, however, the full backup file name will not be updated until you perform an active full).

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